Perpetually in the seenzone.

People usually hate it when they are placed in the seenzone. I used to hate it too. But today, I have found an unusual and new liking to it. It is actually a good and safe place to be in.

I have been doing a lot of contemplating recently, and this contemplating, little by little, turned into overthinking. A lot of things are happening all at the same time–from the personal level up to the global level! It seems like having 24 hours a day is not enough to deal with everything that is going on. And so, we tend to just grow tired of it all and decide to shut down all the noises coming from the outside world. However, unplugging from social media and the news only silences the external voices, but the screams and blabber of an internal voice remains. And most often than not, it’s hard to shut these internal dialogues up. Our brain never stops working. We keep thinking and thinking and thinking. We even bring these thoughts with us in every waking moment to the farthest point of our dreams. Excessive thinking slowly evolves into something much harder to control, anxiety.

With what’s happening globally, in our nation, and in my personal journey in life, I am not exempted from having breakdowns and severe anxiety. But it is completely okay. Why? Because I am only human.

Anxiety, when triggered, is like a bomb that one needs to diffuse. It may be compared to an alarm that we must snooze and turn off. We cannot get rid of it, but we can manage it. But during times that it spins out of control, we tend to panic. We panic because we are triggered. And it is totally normal to be triggered. With what’s happening globally (pandemic, environmental crisis, economy, etc.), in our nation (I won’t enumerate it cause there’s too many disappointing things going on in our county right now that I might sound as if I am ranting), and in my personal journey in life (pause in gradschool, disrupted timetable, homesickness, uncertainties, etc.), I am not exempted from having breakdowns and severe anxiety. But it is completely okay. Why? Because I am only human.

I was reminded earlier this morning that I am not invisible. The right people will see me even if I am in the dark… I appreciate these people because they are the hope bearers in my life that reminds me that I am not totally alone.

However, it seems that too much is happening and it is already a lot to carry. And yet sometimes, I feel like no one really cares. Or at least, the people I expect to care seem to not care at all. It feels as if I am invisible. And I sulk a lot lately because of this thought. However, I was reminded earlier this morning that I am not invisible. The right people will see me even if I am in the dark. They may be silent, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t see me. My aunt called just to check in on me. She said she wanted to call me before and was so worried that I keep getting breakdowns, but she wanted to respect my boundaries since I was on honeymoon period. (Lol, my tita is so cute!) But she finally pushed through with the call yesterday and she reminded me that I am loved. And as if that wasn’t enough morale booster, a friend suddenly messaged me to check in on me and reminded me that I am enough. And sometimes, they don’t have to say anything. By just merely listening to me, I already feel seen. I really appreciate these people because they are the hope bearers in my life that reminds me that I am not totally alone.

More so, I have found a much greater comfort from the fact that also God sees me. Last night, as I was praying and crying to God, He reminded me of the stories in the Bible where the characters were stuck and helpless in their circumstances (e.g. Hagar, Ezekiel, David, Moses, Daniel, Jacob, bleeding woman, centurion, etc). These people were in such a low point in their lives as if they have already reached a dead end. But then God made it evident to these people that He sees them and that their situations are not  unknown to God.

But amidst the constant confusion and anxiety, God made it clear to me that I am perpetually in the seenzone… His eyes are fixed on me as a Father is to His child… I may not be able to see the bigger picture right now, but God sees even beyond what I can see. And that truth brings me the peace that I badly need right now.

I am so tired right now. No, I have been so tired for the longest time now. I feel so helpless and sad of what’s happening in the world, in our nation, and even in some aspects of my life. But amidst the constant confusion and anxiety, God made it clear to me that I am perpetually in the seenzone. He sees me and even my deepest thoughts and desires, He watches my going in and my going out (Psalm 121:8; 139:3-4). His eyes are fixed on me as a Father is to His child. People may fail to see me sometimes, but God will never let me out of His sight. I  may not be able to see the bigger picture right now, but God sees even beyond what I can see. And that truth brings me the peace that I badly need right now.

It is indeed so reassuring to know that I am perpetually in the seenzone and that God sees deeper and further than what the human eye can see.

People usually hate it when they are placed in the seenzone. I used to hate it too. But today, I have found an unusual and new liking to it. It is actually a good and safe place to be in… It is so reassuring to know that I am perpetually in the seenzone and that God sees deeper and further than what the human eye can see.

Give yourself a break and let go.

#MidweekMusings: On hoping and letting go.

When I was feeling hopeless regarding one aspect of my life, losing all sense of strength and control, I was led to pray these words, “Lord, save me.” And right there and then, I felt His hands holding me. Not because He just started to move, but rather, I started to let go of my own plans and surrendered to God’s ways instead. I realized that He was carrying me all along. You see, when a person is still struggling, the lifeguard won’t grab him yet for the reason that the person is still blindly fighting for his life. But the moment he gives up on his own strength and ability, there and then will the lifeguard grab and save him. Likewise, maybe it’s time for us to stop fighting the battle on our own, and start letting God fight the battle for us. We only need to be still. God will save us.


“Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.”” Isaiah 35:4 NLT

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 NIV

Losing yourself is about finding who you really are.

There would be times when you feel that you really don’t know who you are anymore. You’ve chased a lot of things and have chased so much to the point that you never noticed you’ve let go a big piece of yourself in the process. You’ve been fighting the wrong battles, and surrendering the wrong things. As a result, you lost yourself in the process.

Now you ask whose fault it was that you’re lost. Let me tell you the answer.

No one.

It’s not your fault that you feel broken.
It’s not because of the other people around you either.

It’s all part of the process so that the real you could emerge. We all have striven aimlessly. We have been walking paths blindly, thinking that we are called for such things. We’ve all embraced wrong things at one point in our lives. We tried to hold on for as much as we could. But the moment we realize that it’s time to stop fighting the wrong battles and start choosing to love ourselves, that’s the time we feel lost. Or so we thought. But you see, we are not lost. That’s the moment that we actually find out that there is a different path for us to go. It may still be cloudy and all, but the fog will settle. It will be clearer later. So don’t panic. Be still, for you are on the right track.

Stop blaming yourself for the wrong decisions you’ve made. Can’t you see, it made you wiser. For you to see and truly appreciate the good side of life, you have to be aware of the other side as well.

Stop blaming others as well. Just be thankful to God that He has revealed to you who the wrong people are, and led you to the right ones. Don’t be sorry that you trusted the wrong people. Be thankful that you found new friends in the process. Without those wrong people from your past, you’ll never find yourself being surrounded with the right people you are with today.

So you see, we all end up winning after having lost ourselves. For the true person in us begin to emerge the moment we realize that there is something more in this life. If you feel lost today, let me tell you that it’s okay. Just go through the process and listen to what your heart is really saying, to what God is whispering. The moment you realize that you’re lost is also the exact same moment that you start to look for the right path. The moment you realize that you’re lost is also the moment you’ve been found. But even before that, God has been watching you and whispering to your heart. It’s good that you finally heard his peaceful whisper telling you that everything will turn out right, just trust Him in this.

If this is you today, don’t worry, God’s got this! He will never fail, He will lead you through the valley and to the streams of waters and pleasant meadows. Everything’s gonna be alright. Hang in there, help is coming. Actually, help is here. Grab on to God, take His hand and let Him lead you. Be still and know that God is God. He will make something beautiful out of the ugly moments and the ashes there are in our lives.

Letting go of the future.

@anechesca (2)

“So, what is your Isaac?”
Mind blown! All these weeks, God has been teaching me about surrendering to His unwavering faithfulness and absolute will for my life. I was so busy finding the true essence of life, and at the same time so scared to let go of my personal views and plans about life that I totally forgot that it is God’s work to give me hope and a future.
I love to plan. I plan too many things to the point that I plan more than I breathe. But little did I know that planning too much robbed me of finding joy in the steps of life. Yes, I have my whole life ahead of me, but I was actually more dead since I rely on my personal knowledge and emotions. I know, that’s so wrong. And I realized that I was living a lie–by thinking that this was actually what living meant.
I love to plan and have things plotted down on my planner. And when some of the schedules get messed up, I get frustrated–mad even!
But today, God’s revelation finally surfaced on me. God gave me something greater than any reason for planning that I have. It’s true, what we need is not a reason, but a revelation. Upon being faced with that question of what my Isaac was, I panicked! I can’t think of any! I felt that I need to say something. But there was no concrete thing for me to say. And there I asked God, “Lord, what is my Isaac?” And immediately He whispered to my heart, “the future.”
Time stood still. I felt a different kind of shock that allowed peace to crawl inside me. I felt free. I felt relieved. I felt resolved. There and then I was so sure that my Isaac was my idea of the future. I was so preoccupied with my life goals that I forgot that it’s not my job to secure my future. It is God’s job! And there I was able to surrender to God my future, and He gave me the assurance that I immediately took hold of it the moment I willingly let go of it. It’s ironically beautiful, but to my heart it made perfect sense!
The reason I am sharing this is because I know there are a lot of people out there, just like me, who are busy planning out their entire lives but are forgetting how to actually live. Guys, let’s take it easy on ourselves and stop trying to do God’s job. It’s God’s job to give us a secured future, it’s our job to trust Him. It’s God’s job to give us life and breath, it’s our job to live and breathe.
So when God tells you to let go of your Isaac (it can be a dream, a pursuit, a career, a relationship, a sin, a situation, an emotion, a construct), just trust Him and let go.
Because letting go is not a joke.
Because when God told you that He has plans for you and your future, He wasn’t joking. He was serious. Dead serious to the point that He gave His only Son to die on the cross for us to have lives and have it to the full.
Happy Sunday, everyone! God bless you all. 🧡
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Finding home.


One Sunday morning, God made me realize how blessed I am. You see, I haven’t been my best self these past few weeks. I complain a lot, I get irritated easily, I kept filling up my heart with temporary pursuits of happiness. I was feeling out of the loop, as if I’m spiralling down into an abyss of dysphoria. I don’t know. But that Sunday morning, I started my day by asking God to really minister to me. And He did. He started speaking to my heart the moment I was about to brush my teeth. As I opened the cap of my toothbrush, I realized that I am blessed to have three homes. Where did I ever have three homes? By having three places where I can brush my teeth any time. I know, that sounds funny. But remember when you had your first ever unplanned sleepover and you had to look for or buy a toothbrush? Why would you buy a toothbrush? Because you don’t have one in that house. Why don’t you have one in that house? Because that is not your home. Get it? I know, my logic’s weird! Hahaha you are free to laugh, no worries! But anyway, going back to my story, God used the toothbrush analogy to show me the reality that I have three homes–one in Los Baños, one Sta. Ana, and one in Pateros (technically though, I don’t go home here to stay over the night, but this place really feels like home whenever I visit). Why and how? Yes, you got it! I have my toothbrush in each place!

But the real deal here is that the past few weeks I felt as if I’m lost and far from home. Leaving for grad school gives me sepanx since I have to leave my family (and my dog) in Laguna. Leaving Sta. Ana gives me the feeling that there are stuff that stresses me when I go back. Leaving Pateros gives me the feeling that I need to face the harshness of life on my own again. And I just find myself crying most of the time.

But God answered my prayer that morning. He moved in my heart. He made me see the goodness that I have three homes. I have people in my life who truly loves me and cares and prays for me. People close to my heart knows what I’m currently going through. Three homes where in each one I have found a family who embraces me despite of my brokenness. Three homes where I can completely be myself, exposing all my vulnerabilities. Three homes where Jesus is the boss and Lord of all. Three homes where I can eat to my heart’s content. Three homes where I can brush my teeth any time I want.

That Sunday morning an old but classic song was sang. And it says,

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.
His mercies never come to an end.
They are new every morning, new every morning.
Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord.
Great is thy faithfulness.”

You see, I am not yet perfect, but I am on my way to perfection as I live my life the way God wants me to. I may not be a hundred percent faithful, but God remains faithful. I am broken, still, but God is holding my world in His hands. I am weak, but in God I experience renewed strength. I may have fears, but I know that in Christ, I am a brave soul. In all my imperfections and flaws, God still chose to love me and He made me experience grace and mercy in a new light. Just as the song says, “they are new every morning!”

So today, if you are feeling lost and empty and dull, I just want to tell you that it’s okay not to be okay. But don’t be okay with that. Pray to God and ask Him to minister to you. I always pray every single day for God to connect my spirit to His Spirit, and to tether my heart to His heart. Try it. Try God. He will not fail you–and never will He fail! Keep moving forward, brave soul. Just keep going, God is with you.

Finally, let me remind you that we are all too blessed to be stressed. You see, I’ll never have to leave home again because every time I go, instead of seeing it as “leaving home”, God would remind me that I am only “coming home” to one of these homes that He has given me.

On self-love: It’s okay not to be okay.


“Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

It is called mental health for a reason. Mental illness is an illness, it is a serious thing. It’s not something that people just made up, nor is it something that we should just brush off. It’s not something to be ashamed of as well. Mental illness, just like any other kind of disease, needs attention and proper care. Not because people look happy, strong or able, does it mean that they are okay. Not because someone is rich does it mean that he/she is happy with his/her life. Everybody needs somebody. Somebody needs to learn how to listen wtithout judging. Everyone should be extremely careful with how they treat their neighbors. For the saying is true, everyone is fighting a battle. Some had a hard time sleeping last night. Some didn’t have any sleep at all. Some were afraid to even fall asleep. Some even wished not to wake up anymore. And to some, getting out of bed is like pushing the wall. Some are crying just to get by. And some, they smile.

So don’t ever be rude. Don’t be a know-it-all. Don’t even tell people that what they are going through is easy. Cause they are not you, and you are not them. It’s not their fault that they are rich, famous, successful and yet they still have problems. Ordinary people have problems, yes. But here’s the truth, everybody is ordinary. We all have problems. Your age, status in life, achievements don’t matter when it comes to having problems–not even your belief and religion. Yes, you heard me. Aren’t you surprised that the person who used to sit next to you at church, at school, at work, or even someone in the family suddenly opens up that he/she has been suffering for a long time already? Like, why just now? Because of the culture and the mindset that was instilled in us. But it has to end. We have to end the stigma. It is not a sign of weakness. Being mentally ill is not something to be ashamed of. It only means that you have been fighting so hard that you finally gathered the courage and strength to ask for help.

It is okay to think of and care for others, but it’s not wrong to think of yourself as well.

So please, if you are suffering or thinking of ending your life, there is a better way. I won’t tell you not to feel down, it’s okay to not be okay, you are entitled to your own emotions. However, I just want you to know that there are still people who are genuine. Not everyone is bad. Not everyone is a hypocrite. Find someone who truly knows how to listen, someone you can trust. If you need to see a psychologist/psychiatrist, please do. Cause helping yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. You’ve fought so hard and have come this far. And now that you’ve reached this moment, it’s time to be kind to yourself. Go seek help. Ending you life won’t end the battle. But seeking help will lead you to a way out of the maze.

Context clues: counting on contexts.

Processed with VSCOYesterday in our AbPsych class, our professor mentioned that in identifying disorders, we have to look for and consider the contributory factors. We cannot just diagnose a person with just the symptoms we observe. We have to really listen and know their side. To explore the contributory factors means to understand the disorder based on the person’s context.

I believe this is true not just for identifying disorders. And this fact encompasses every field and all walks of life. This should be a general/universal rule to everyone: to never judge a book by its cover, but to really know the context of where people are coming from. Each one has a battle that he/she is fighting. Everyone we meet may seem okay, but not everyone is actually okay. Because beyond every smile, laughter, and joke that we encounter, only a few is considered out of pure happiness, and most are signs of strength in the midst of suffering.

Everyone is fighting a battle, so choose your battles wisely. Be sensitive enough to be kind. Be understanding. Listen. Never judge. For each of us doesn’t have the right to be right, but only the the right to be broken.

Cracked shells and empty nests.


People are like eggs. We are all placed in this nest where we get taken care of until we reach our hatching time. From then on we start living our lives.

But some just don’t want to leave the nest. Either they are blinded from the fact that they are meant to do things, or they are simply scared of getting out of their comfort zones.

I was both.

But you know what? I finally got out of that shell the moment I was pushed out of the nest. Falling so hard cracked it open for me and now I can see clearly what the real world is like. We aren’t born (again) to stay inside our shells! And when hatched, we aren’t meant to stay on the nest either. We are nurtured and we need to go out to do our thing. Well, not our own thing, but the thing that God has purposed us to do.

Many people, Christians, think that to live life’s purpose means letting go of your dreams and just serving God in the ministry. Well, this is correct, but usually taken out of its true context. Let me go through them one by one.

LETTING GO OF YOUR DREAMS. This doesn’t mean that we should no longer dream big dreams. No! Our God is a big God, we should dream big! But big dreams should be guided by His Word and given by God himself. Big dreams should be selfless dreams. Let go of your personal agenda and go start dreaming God’s dream for you.

SERVING GOD IN THE MINISTRY. Yes, we all should do this. But then again, “ministry” isn’t limited to the four walls of the church. Whatever God is leading you to do in your workplace, campus, community, home–these all are your ministry in your service to God. You must serve God at all times and each thing that you do must be done as if you are doing it for God and not for men.

Why am I emphasizing these two? Because like what I’ve said earlier. I was blinded by my wrong perspective and I was afraid back then. I thought to live for Christ means staying nearly 24/7 in the church doing all sorts of activities. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with church activities. But what I am saying is that we must not condemn those who are working or doing other stuff that we think are not church-related. Our God is a personal God, He has a personal dealing with each one of us. I used to agree when people give comments such as, “Dati nagpapapray na magka-work, nung nagka-work, nawala na sa ministry.” Well, they have a point, I can see where they are coming from because there are some who totally turned their backs from God because of work. They have their own battles, so let us not judge them. But there are also those who just want to obey what God is telling them to do–to be excellent employees and businessmen, students even, who would bring more people closer to God through their work, thus they’d be able to give glory to God as well. I used to agree to that comment. But now, the scales have been taken out from my eyes. I can see now that we have different callings in life. Some are called for full-time work in the church and some in their companies, some in missions, and some in their local communities.

But in all these, the secret is to never judge your brother or sister because we can never know for sure what God is actually telling them. Rather, let us pray for one another that we may fulfill the purposes that God has planted in our hearts.

And yes, I got out of that shell. And I have come to realize that I am meant to spread my wings and fly towards the dream that God has placed in my heart.

Now I can see clearly why my first boss told me–that I can still serve God even when I am working in a company. She also used to tell me most of the time that I should never be a pushover, and she thinks I am so trusting and naive back then just because I am extra kind to all. I used to shrug her comments off my mind and just say to myself, “she’ll never get it because she’s not me.” But I was wrong. It was me who didn’t get her point back then. I was really young and naive back then. But I’m so glad that God removed that arrogance from my attitude and humbled me by letting me get her point now. Given the chance, I would definitely love to talk with my ex-boss and thank her for her words of wisdom.

Another thing, don’t ever let people take away your dream from you. Don’t let others push you to set aside your dream just for you to do their dreams for them.

So there, I got out of the shell. And my next step is learning to fly properly. It may be challenging and hard at times, but it is much safer and worthwhile compared to just staying in the nest and miss out on what God has in store for me in this life.

So go on and crack your shells open. Seek God. Encounter Him. And listen to that gentle whisper that He is telling your heart. If you are called for mission, go for it. If you are called for full-time church ministry work, go for it. If you are called to be excellent in your business or work, go for it. But remember the central rule, put God first above all else. Serve the King, and be responsible in the Kingdom. Honor God, honor people. Serve God, serve people. Seek God, save people by bringing them closer to God.

I have said quite a lot, thank you for sticking with me even up to this part. My prayers for you is for God to make whatever it is that your hands are doing flourish and grow. May you bear fruit, good fruit, and may your life be a living testimony of how good and great and loving our God is!

Happy Tuesday! ♡


“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” (Colossians 3:23-24 NIV)

“Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before.” (1 Thessalonians 4:11 NLT)

Awaken the kid in us.

Wednesday, April 4th.

My ride was almost up and I was thinking of a faster way to get to my next stop. But then the jeepney stopped over to load two more passengers. I usually don’t pay attention to new passengers, but these two are an exception. The pair was a lady, prolly in her 40s, and a 7th grade young lad.

What caught my attention was that the moment the two got on the jeepney, the lady haven’t stopped nagging the young lad. She kept saying the same things over and over again. The gist of their (well, her) argument was that the boy went to school early but it turns out that their school gave a late announcement that there are no classes for that day, just when most 7th graders are already outside waiting to enter the campus. So the boy went some place else to spend time while waiting and apparently, the moment he got back again, it was already announced that their grade level has no more class for that day due to the 10th grade graduation practice. They were advised to go home and this young lad called home to ask someone to fetch him from school, and the lady did. The lady braved the 12 o’clock lunchbreak traffic in Paco, Manila just to get to the young lad–and to nag him all throughout their way home. She kept saying, “You could have just travelled on your own, why did you have to call to ask me to come pick you up? Don’t you know how traffic it was and how hassle it was for me?” She kept saying these things over and over again while the boy just answered the questions asked of him in a very calm tone. I admired the young lad. I somewhat wanted to tell the lady, “you know what, you’re so blessed with your son, you raised him well.”

But I didn’t.
And I’m glad I didn’t.

The prolly 40-year old lady told the young lad that next time his mom should be the one to pick him up. Turns out that this lady is a staff/employee of the young lad’s family. All the more did I admire this young lad. He just kept silent. Irritation and agitation cannot be sensed from his facial expression. Not a even a hint. Even the tone of his voice, every single time he’d answer the lady’s questions, did not have a tiny hint of dismay or disrespect. He was so respectful of the people around him. He honored even the most disrespectful person during that time.


Wih the few minutes remaining of the ride, I can’t help but contemplate about my own attitude. How many times have I been so reckless with my words that I easily gave in to my emotions and temper? How I long to become more like the young lad who just kept his cool, who did not gave in to the provocation brought about by the lady’s nagging.

Also, considering the matter of age, it is true that age and maturity does not necessarily go together. Not because we are old enough does it mean that we are also mature enough. Basing my statement on what I’ve just witnessed, even a young 7th grader can become more mature than a full-grown woman in her 40s.

Let this be a lesson for grownups like us to find that kid in us. The kid who kept his cool despite the pressure brought by the naggings of life. Choose to respond when asked, but don’t react even if you think it is necessary. Cause most of the time, it’s not. Don’t give in to the provocation, control your emotions and find that kid in you. Always honor people, not just because of their age, but even when they don’t act their age.

Finally, I prayed to God to bless that 7th grader. I have learned a lot from him. May more people learn from him as well. He’s an asset to our nation’s future. Who knows, he might become one great leader someday, or a parent to his own children?

I finally reached my designated jeepney stop. As I was getting off the jeepney, I cannot help but think that, yes, I have spent 10 pesos for the ride, but I have gained another jewel of life lessons and reflection. And this is priceless.

The old man in the padpaper-inspired polo.

Tuesday, April 3rd.

I was almost late for my appointment when the jeepney that I was riding stopped for the nth time to load more passengers. Then something caught my attention: with details so vivid, I can still remember that he was wearing a finely pressed padpaper-inspired printed polo. With his hair already flatly brushed up, he flattened it even more with his left hand. After touching his hair, he looked at his gold vintage watch and signaled a quick prayer. I admired the old man for his routine of praying every 5 minutes or so. I felt led to pray for him as well.

Then traffic became heavy. All passengers were wondering why. Upon finding out that a delivery truck caused the traffic–its driver could’ve moved it a bit forward so that those behind it can turn right–the old man in the padpaper-inspired polo yelled at the truck driver, “Bobo! (Stupid!)” I was shocked. And my short-lived admiration somewhat turned into a mixture of disgust and disapproval. He should’ve just kept silent. He could have, but he didnt. Nobody gave him a reaction though. All just stared at him, and in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, he again signaled another prayer.

Did I judge him this time? I was tempted to. But then I was reminded that this old man is also myself at times. Many times have I prayed and even publicly displayed my beliefs and faith, but then I also sin in my words and thoughts. So who am I to judge?

We all are this old man in a padpaper-inspired polo. We pray, we make mistakes. However, you can decide to just be the old man who prayed, rather than the one who yelled. But in case you’ve yelled today, you have to remember that your mistakes don’t define you. You may have made a mistake but it isn’t the end point. Again, you can just be the old man who prayed and no longer yelled… and be so ever flashy and fancy in every blue and red stripe of your padpaper-inspired polo.